I spent all day in the shop yesterday and all day in front of the computer today. Very different days indeed. Yet, they did share one thing, I spent my downtime dreaming while watching the INTERIORS series on Nowness. This incredible video platform is an endless source of inspiration and if you haven't lost precious time to it yet, prepare yourself. It is phenomenal. This short film explores the home of Seattle-based architect Jim Olson. Enjoy.

cozy cabin escapes

I’m so sooo lucky to have a cozy family cabin to retreat to over the holidays. There’s something about escaping the city and removing yourself from your regular work environment that really allows you to relax and reset. I get so burnt out, especially leading up to the holidays, and for me this reset is totally essential. I dream of having my own cabin to escape to one day and the ultimate would be to design and build it ourselves. I spend hours upon hours looking up cabins (generally while avoiding receipts and invoicing). There are so many inspiring structures from which to draw inspiration. Big and small, modern and not, the options are endless! Here’s a small sampling...